Genuine Edible Silver Leaf Booklet x 10 Sheets (4cmx4cm)

  • £4.99

Edible silver leaf has been used for centuries by the rich and wealthy. The italians dined on risotto with edible silver leaf during the 16th century. The Elizabethans ate sweets and fruits covered in silver leaf whilst Japanese had it sprinkled into Sake.

Today it has become more affordable. It is now being used in the top beauty salons and high end restaurants. It has become can be used from that first welcome cocktail drink to the final cheese board. So why not dazzle your friends at your next dinner party or even your partner with a romantic meal for 2.

Edible Silver Leaf is tasteless and odourless. It has been deemed safe by the European Trade (EU) for human consumption. It is suitable for all religious groups vegetarians and vegans.

Size: 4cmx4cm