Infinitive Beauty Derma Skin Roller Steriliser Spray

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Infinitive Beauty Derma Skin Roller Steriliser Spray

This professional cosmetic derma roller and make-up brush cleaner takes care and prolongs the life of derma rollers and natural and synthetic brushes with its new easy to apply spray applicator its easier than ever before to clean & maintain your rollers & brushes.

Leave your items smelling clean fresh and sterilised with the improved formula and wonderful scent.

Key Features:

Professional derma roller & make up brush active disinfectant & steriliser spray.

Solvent suitable for disinfecting your derma rollers & removing make up from all cosmetic brushes.

Results in under 5 minutes - smells amazing - non irritant.

Save money & prolong the life of your derma roller & make up brushes.

Swiftly refresh your brushes & derma roller- a handy travel size spray that cleanses your derma roller & brushes instantly.

IMPORTANT: For hygiene purposes, please ensure derma roller is cleaned regularly before and after use.  Due to the nature of the products use it is imperative the instrument is kept clean. We recommend purchasing our specifically formulated derma sterilising spray. Recommended to renew your roller after every 10 - 12 sessions or changed every 2-3 months when the needles start to blunt, if you want maximum result. Misalignment of needles can occur from first use on any surface used, even your hand.